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Friday, 16 November 2018

lithuania Visa from india

Anyone who wants to study abroad with the least cost should not choose an MBA course. MBA is considered a commercial degree which gives high returns to students. You wouldn’t be considered for a scholarship either. For a low cost Study in Lithuania, enroll for the MS degree, the Master in Science.
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Study in Denmark

Brexit has had its effects on the international students coming into the United Kingdom too.  Some universities in UK have as big as a 28% of overseas students every year. It is not that influx of students coming in to Study in Denmark has reduced, but it has surely shifted from UK to other European countries.
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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Apply to Study in Germany

Before you fill forms to apply to study in Germany, you must shortlist all the schools and universities that teach the course that you are interested in. number them in the order of priority and make your applications accordingly. A robotics course, for example, is available TU Munich, University of Bonn and University of Freiburg etc.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Study in Germany Consultants

German education institutions do not follow the bologna system. For a Study in Germany, you have to complete 13 years of education for the bachelor degrees admissions.  For English taught programs and the German foundation programs, IELTS is required.
Going for a study in Germany is a sound choice for Europe. Germany is the biggest economy in Europe. The standards of education are very high. The huge industry and corporate base of Germany has immense career making opportunities too. To compile

How to Study in Germany for Free

There are free study options in Germany but the language catch is there. The right choice of degree is the MS and the PhD degrees. Most countries give huge scholarships on MS & research because they think of it as an investment. In fact, you can Study in Europe doing a PhD in Finland, where the entire research program is free to international students.

Study in Europe

Liepaja University in Latvia has 2 years Master in Information Technology course. The requirements for this program are 5.5 IELTS score, a 3-4 year bachelor degree in computer science, maths, physics or engineering. For a Study in Europe, a good knowledge of English is required. The university may conduct a Skype interview too and forgo the IELTS requirement.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Study in Germany MBA

BSBI Germany is situated in Berlin and is preferred by Indian students as a good future investment. The faculty members are caring and the seminars and project work are very interesting. Many students have testified that for a  Study in Germany MBA in BSBI should be top choice.
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